Photorealistic high-speed 3D printing

Any parts of the human body for anatomical benefits
Product dimensions:

350 х 350 х 200 mm
Print modes:
-3 materials, 27 microns
-6 materials,14 microns
-6 materials, 27 microns
Layer thickness: starting from 14 μm (0,014 mm)

Color gamut: up to 360000 shades

Semi-finished parts for medical products

  1. Woven blanks for blood vessel prostheses
  2. Blanks for stents made with the Femtosecond laser: we cut any textures from titanium alloys to biodegradable materials
  3. Braided blanks for stents, occluders
  4. Laser cutting of biological materials
  5. Tomograph
  6. Measuring equipment