Implants with a setting tool for submersible osteosynthesis (fixation of fractures and osteotomy)


The technology of manufacturing implants and tools combines mechanical and electrophysical processing of the material. The new design of the mates of the locking elements and the cutting edges of the screws.


  • Stable osteosynthesis is ensured, which allows to avoid additional gypsum immobilization in the postoperative period.
  • The material of the implants is fully biologically and mechanically compatible with the tissues of the human body. Very high corrosion resistance(coeff. PRE ≥26). Surface roughness is not more than Ra 0,15-0,25.
  • The clamps have sufficient strength, ductility and other mechanical properties, which ensures its intactness to external influences for a long time, under the influence of the load it does not deform and doesm not break.
  • The wide size range of the implants ensures their compatibility with the anatomical features of various patients.
  • The implants do not require removal after fracture consolidation.