Ilizarov apparatus

Essence of innovation

Thermomechanical technology of material strenghthening and electrolytic plasma processing of separate elements of the fixator introduced. Design of conjunction of bearing elements anв cutting edges of pins and rods improved

Competitive advantages
  • Universal dynamic product design provides optimal biomedical and mechanical conditions both for bone union and anatomical functional recovery of musculoskeletal apparatus.
  • Details and units of the product are maid of high quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant in biological liquids and tissues.
  • High durability of apparatus parts and units material – 35-40 HRC.
  • Increased cutting capacity and the absence of pins’ fracture and deformation. Less effort is required for cutting and drilling the cortical bone layer.
  • The product guarantees minimal risk of soft tissues phlegmon, osteomyelitis, soft tissues festering in the areas of penetration.