Vascular prostheses

for replacing human arterial vessels made of synthetic polyester fiber using weaving technology


  • woven structure;
  • additional weaving reinforcing
  • polypropylene yarns to ensure radial
  • stability (resistance to compression);
  • tensile strength not less than 240 N;
  • wall thickness within 0.1 – 0.4 mm;
  • there is no cracking in the places of cut and puncture;
  • the presence of transverse corrugation;
  • impregnation with modified animal gelatin;
  • zero surgical porosity (impermeability to blood);
  • does not require preimplantation treatment with blood;
  • water permeability is not more than 50 ml / cm2 / min at a pressure of 120mm Hg;
  • the presence of additional inner and outer layers of velor with a fiber height of the inner layer up to 30 microns, the outer – 75-100 microns. Additional layers create a matrix for the formation of neointima on the inner surface and the germination of connective tissue in the outer layers;
  • ability to bind antibiotics (rifampicin);
  • ability to bind heparin;
  • biologically inert, the lack of reaction of the body to implantation.

The prostheses (both straight and bifurcation) have an annular corrugation oriented transversely to the central axis, used to ensure incompressibility and elasticity of the tube, to provide passive pulsation, to impart the ability of the prosthesis to bend at different angles without a tendency to twist.

Indications for the use of vascular prostheses:

  • Direct replacement of the affected area of ​​the arterial blood vessel of the corresponding diameter (prosthetics);
  • Bypass shunting of the affected area of ​​the arterial blood vessel of the corresponding diameter (shunting);
  • Extra-anatomical bypass of the corresponding arterial pool.


All types of tissue prostheses are contraindicated for the reconstruction of coronary vessels, the creation of fistulas of the bloodstream (for periodic repeated punctures and catheterizations), for cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, the use of prostheses in the venous position is also contraindicated, i.e. for prosthetics / bypass veins.

The product is sterile and packaged in sterile packaging. Re-sterilization is prohibited. Designed for single use only.

Woven tubular prostheses are delivered in packaging in a condition prepared for their intended use (integration into the human vascular system) and do not require any pre-implantation preparation.