Blood clot trap filters

A blood clot filter trap (kava filter) is a construct designed to prevent the development of pulmonary embolism (pulmonary embolism (PE)) in patients at high risk of developing this disease.

The cava filter is installed in the inferior vena cava by deployment from a folded state due to the elastic forces of the structure. A correctly implanted cava filter does not interrupt the blood flow in the inferior vena cava system.

After the implantation of a cava filter through this product, blood is collected through the venous system from the lower extremities and pelvic organs.


  • A safe and efficient device
  • Quick and easy implantation procedure
  • Optimal blood clot collection

Cava filter

Cava filter implantation is contraindicated:

  • To patients at risk of septic embolism;
  • To persons with an uncontrolled course of an infectious disease;
  • When the diameter of the inferior vena cava is less than 10 mm and is more than 30 mm;
  • To patients with contraindications for endovascular interventions;

In the presence of allergic reactions to the cava-filter material.

All the components of the kit for installing the cava filter are disposable, their re-sterilization and second use are not allowed. They are not maintainable.

The implantation of cava filters can only be performed by the doctors who are familiar with the methods of performing endo-endovascular interventions (including the use of this device), and if they are aware of possible complications, and only in the medical institutions that are specially equipped to perform the necessary operations in case of complications.