We are among the winners at the most prestigious Russian exhibition HI-TECH !

On March 14, 2019, the largest industrial event in Russia – the St.Petersbufg technical fair ended its work. This year 222 companies from 10 countries and 20 regions of Russia were represented at the exhibition. In three days of the event, more than 6700 specialists attended it.

Within this huge indastrial forum also held an exhibition HI-TECH which is the first event in Russian Federation in the field of promoting high technologies, innovations and investigation projects in sphere of science and technology. Traditionally, active participation in work of the fair had workers of the Belarussian National Technical University and Republic innovation unitary company “Science and Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic”.

One of the main possibilities for exponents of the exhibition – participation in the contest “The best innovation project and the best scientific and technology development of the year”. In 2019, 126 innovation projects and developments in the field of engineering, metallurgy, metalworking, insrtumentation, robotics, nanotechnology, information and educational technologies, ecology, biotechnology and medicine were involved in the contest, which was established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Russia.

That is why the award, which team of Science and Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic” headed by Lushchyk Pavel (Deputy General Director on Innovative activities), got is so significant. A low-frequency ultrasound dental apparatus (acoustic system and ultrasound equipment) for formation of high-enurance homogeneous dentin-filling junction “DENT-35” was awarded the Silver medal and 2nd degree Diploma. “Vascular prothesis” also was awarded Diploma in the nomination “The best innovation project (development) in the field of: medicine, sanitation, prevention, healthy lifestyle medical equipment, artificial senses, implants and prothesis, personal hygiene products”.

In the same nomination, apparatus for vacuum therapy “KM-1 Impulse” was awarded the 2nd degree Diploma and the Silver Medal. It was presented by V.Gavrilenko, Design Engineer of the Basic and Applied Research Sector of the Technopark.

In the nomination “The best innovation project (development)” in the field of “Engineering and metallurgy, metalworking”, the 2nd degree Diploma and the Silver medal were awarded to the technology and automatic machine for magnetically abrasive polishing of cladding elements of fuel elements,  created by the team of “Polimag”, the subsidary of Science and Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic”, under the leadership of its Director Nikolay Khomich.

Also, was not left without an award the project “Production laboratory of 3D modeling and rapid prototyping FABLAB – infrastructure for supporting youth innovative entrepreneurship”, presented by V. Gmyrak. This project was awarded Diploma of the 2nd degree and the Silver Medal.


Special mention should be made to the awards of scientists of the Belarusian National Technical University, which were awarded 1st degree Diplomas with Gold Medals. First of all, these are projects of Oleg Devojno, Head of the ONIIL “Plasma and Laser Technologies”, a branch of BNTU “Research Polytechnic Institute”; Yury Guminskiy, senoir lecturer of the department “Foundry Machine and Technologies”, MTF, BNTU; Valeriy Shmuradko, senoir research associate at the NIIL welding, related technologies and non-destructive testing, a branch of the Belarusian National Technical University “Research Polytechnic Institute” and Viktor Sheinert, senior research associate at the NIIL casting technologies, a branch of BNTU “Research Polytechnic Institute”.

Over the years, russian exhibition HI-TECH (St.Petersburg Technical Fair) has given a start to hundreds of developments. This contest stimulates activity in the field of innovation technologies and has earned a reputation as a link between science and production, developers and inestors.