The UAE Minister of Education at BNTU

On June 28, the UAE delegation headed by the Minister of Education Hussein al-Hammadi visited BNTU and Science and Technology park of BNTU “Polytechnic” – the first and the largest university technology park in Belarus.

The main objectives of the visit were negotiating and discussing areas and prospects of international cooperation of education, scientific activity and joint participation in international educational programs and projects, and familarizing members of the delegation with the organization of the educational process, teaching and research base of BNTU.

Maxim Zhurkevich, Deputy of General Director of Economics and Finance, spoke in detail about the structure and history of the BNTU technology park, also about the main innovative developments.

Young guys, students here will be promoted how to properly form an idea and bring it to the level of a product, they will be sent on the right path.We help projects and startups go through the "Valley of Death".

Guests attention was attracted by innovative products of medicine: ultrasound equipment of endovascular ablation, an acoustic system for the treatment of skin oncological diseases, an aortal stent-graft system and many other developments. The delegation representatives were surprised by innovations of metal processing and the application of multifunctional coatings, concentated on the BNTU brand.

Techology park is a separate legal entity which mainly deals with commercialization. The Belarusian National Technical University is the founder and owner of the technology park, and its most important component is the specialists which are prepared by our university.
Kharytonchyk Sergei V., rector of BNTU

At the end of the tour through the technology park, the guests moved to the conference room, where the presentation of the Belarusian National Technical University was held for representatives of the delegation. A virtual excursion into the past, acquaintance with the present and the main directions of developments in the future were presented by the rector of BNTU Sergey Kharytonchyk and vice-rector of scientific work, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Malyarevich Aleksandr M.

Our modern Belarus was created by the mind and work of graduates of the Belarusian National Technical University.

Rector expressed the hope that guests had good impression not only about the country but also about people who responsible for its beauty and developed infrastructure.

The Minister of Education Hussein al-Hammadi expressed the desire for close cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and BNTU, the exchange of scientific research and the academic exchange of students.

Журналист: Полина Лахцутко
Фотограф: Максим Кисель