BNTU is better known in Korea

BNTU presented the collective stand of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus on March 27-29, 2019 at the Korean factory of automated production Smart Factory+Automation World 2019.

At the exhibition, technologies and developments of metal processing and applying multifunctional coatings, medical developments for cardiosurgery, dentistry, traumatology and ortopedics, a new type of turbine for the disposal of secondary energy resources “Turbosphere” and an innovative installation of absorption-biochemical treatment of ventilation air from harmful organic substances were presented.

Electronic, engineering and agricultural companies were particularly interested in this.

Representatives of various Korean universities and representatives of Russian companies were intested in the participation of scientists from BNTU in international projects.

Results of the exhibition:

      1. The protocol of intentions for further cooperation on sample processing using electrolyte-plasma technology was signed with the Korea Atomic Energy research Institute.
      2. Arranged the transfer of samples and provision of drawings for trial processing.
      3. Has been made an appoinment with representatives of ADANI (X-ray systems in medicine, safety and analytical instrumentation).
      4. Representatives of the Russian ROSTEC corporation in Korea were interested in our metal processing technologies and medical developments.
      5. Several companies were interested in ultrasound equipment for the complex treatment of skin cancer.
      6. Also there were more than a dozen companies which intested in other developments.

After the exhibition, all received contacts were processed to establish contact with specialists in order to answer their questions and send additional materials of cooperation.

In addition to the application of the presented developments, in international cooperation with our specialists also interested:
Korea Power Learning Institute,
Korea Powder Metallurgy Institute,
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute,
Sun Moon University,
Korea Electronics Technology Institute